Upeksha Liyanage

Upeksha Liyanage, the Co-Founder and Team Lead at OwasLo, embodies innovation and excellence. Armed with a diverse skill set, she brings creativity and expertise to the forefront. Upeksha holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Colombo School of Computing. She is pursuing her Master's in Business Administration from the esteemed Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM). Her professional journey reflects a wealth of experience in software development, project management, web development, and API development. Beyond her professional pursuits, Upeksha actively engages in volunteer activities related to health, science, and technology. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she has earned prestigious awards and certifications in the IT domain. Fluent in both English and Sinhala, Upeksha is an invaluable asset to OwasLo and an active participant in various professional organizations.