Product Catalogue

Content Creation and Scheduling
88,000.00 Rs 88,000.00 Rs 88000.0 LKR
Drowning in social media? We can help! Our service handles content creation & scheduling across platforms. We'll collaborate with you on a data-driven strategy to craft engaging content (5 posts/week) that keeps your audience hooked. From eye-catching visuals to informative posts, we cover it all. We'll even schedule your content and track results (optional). Focus on your business, we'll manage the social media grind. Schedule a free consultation today!
Graphic Design
0.00 Rs 0.0 LKR
Want to leave a lasting impression? Our graphic design services create stunning visuals that grab attention and tell your brand story. From crafting a unique logo to eye-catching website banners and engaging social media graphics, our team of experienced designers collaborates closely with you to bring your vision to life. We deliver high-quality work that elevates your brand image. Let's create visuals that make you shine! Contact us today for a free quote.
Social Media Advertising
15,000.00 Rs 15,000.00 Rs 15000.0 LKR
Feeling lost in the social media ad jungle? We can help! Our social media advertising service gets your brand noticed on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We'll develop a targeted strategy to reach the right audience with eye-catching ads, then manage and optimize your campaigns to maximize results. Stop wasting money, let us help you generate leads and achieve your marketing goals. Schedule a free consultation today!
Social Media Marketing
20,000.00 Rs 20,000.00 Rs 20000.0 LKR
Master social media for your brand! Our Social Media Marketing course teaches you to create engaging content, manage campaigns, and analyze results across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Choose in-person, online, or blended learning. Build a strong online presence, boost engagement, and achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today!
Analytics and Reporting
20,000.00 Rs 20,000.00 Rs 20000.0 LKR
Our social media analytics service tracks key metrics and provides actionable insights to help you improve your social media presence. We'll create clear reports showing what's working and what's not, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for better results. Schedule a free consultation today and unlock the power of social media data!
Animated Videos/Motion Graphics
40,000.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs 40000.0 LKR
Tired of flat presentations? Breathe life into your message with our captivating animation services! We craft visually stunning explainer videos, motion graphics, and character animations to grab attention and explain complex ideas. From storyboarding to professional animation and sound design, we collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. Let's create a memorable animated video that engages your audience and achieves your marketing goals. Schedule a free consultation today!
Blog Posts
6,000.00 Rs 6,000.00 Rs 6000.0 LKR
Struggling to create consistent, engaging blog content? Owaslo's blog writing service can help. Our skilled writers craft informative and captivating blog posts that grab attention, boost SEO, and drive conversions. We offer various content formats, in-depth research, and SEO optimization to establish you as an industry thought leader. Schedule a free consultation today!
Community Management
40,000.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs 40000.0 LKR
Want to build a loyal following online? Our social media community management service fosters meaningful connections with your audience. We'll handle comments, messages, and curate engaging content to spark conversations. We even monitor content, address concerns, and identify brand advocates to amplify your reach. Gain valuable insights and build a thriving community that fuels brand loyalty. Schedule a free consultation today!
Content Marketing
18,000.00 Rs 18,000.00 Rs 18000.0 LKR
Our Sri Lanka-focused Content Marketing course teaches you to create high-quality content that attracts, engages, and converts your target audience. Learn content strategy, storytelling, content creation, and analytics to establish brand authority, generate leads, and achieve your marketing goals. Choose in-person, online, or blended learning. Contact us today to unlock the power of content!

Content Strategy
0.00 Rs 0.0 LKR
Digital Marketing Fundamentals
25,000.00 Rs 25,000.00 Rs 25000.0 LKR
Want a digital marketing savvy team? Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Fundamentals course equips participants with essential skills in SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. Choose in-person, online, or blended learning to fit your needs. Invest in your workforce and become a digital marketing leader. Contact us today!
Digital Marketing Strategy
0.00 Rs 0.0 LKR
Feeling lost in digital marketing? We craft personalized strategies to help you define goals, target your audience, and choose the right channels (SEO, PPC, social media, etc.). Get ongoing support, track results, and gain a competitive edge. Schedule a consultation today!
Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation
8,000.00 Rs 8,000.00 Rs 8000.0 LKR
Feeling lost in digital marketing? We offer consultations to help you define goals, find the right channels, develop a plan, and get started. Whether you're a business, marketer, or individual, we can help you navigate the digital landscape and achieve your online goals. Schedule a consultation today!
E-commerce Website Setup
250,000.00 Rs 250,000.00 Rs 250000.0 LKR
Want to sell online but overwhelmed by options? We build user-friendly e-commerce websites that showcase your products and simplify the buying process. We'll help you choose the right platform, design a captivating store, and integrate features like secure payments, inventory management, and customer accounts. Launch your dream online store and start reaching new customers today! Schedule a free consultation to discuss your e-commerce goals.
Email Newsletters
4,000.00 Rs 4,000.00 Rs 4000.0 LKR
Want to ditch boring email blasts and create newsletters your subscribers love? Our email newsletter service crafts engaging content that turns them into loyal fans! We combine informative and entertaining writing with stunning, responsive design to keep your audience hooked. We'll help you map out goals, target your audience, write compelling copy, design beautiful layouts, and craft clear calls to action. Finally, email marketing that gets results! Let us handle the newsletters so you can focus on running your business.
Google Ads Management
15,000.00 Rs 15,000.00 Rs 15000.0 LKR
Want more customers? Our Google Ads management gets you targeted website traffic, improves campaign performance & saves you time. We handle everything from keyword research to ad creation & reporting. Leverage our expertise to get better results, increased leads & measurable ROI. Call for a free consultation!
Google Ads Training
35,000.00 Rs 35,000.00 Rs 35000.0 LKR
Master Google Ads for your Sri Lankan business! Our training equips you to create targeted campaigns that reach the right audience, generate leads, and drive sales. Learn campaign setup, keyword research, ad copywriting, landing page optimization, and campaign management. Choose in-person, online, or blended learning. Invest in Google Ads training and watch your ROI soar!
Image Editing/Retouching
200.00 Rs 200.00 Rs 200.0 LKR
Tired of dull photos holding back your brand? Our image editing service polishes your photos into stunning visuals that elevate your marketing materials. We offer basic editing like cropping, color correction, and sharpening for a clean and professional look. Plus, we can handle advanced retouching (additional fees may apply) to remove blemishes, clean up backgrounds, and achieve a flawless final product.

Focus on what you do best, we'll handle the photos! Businesses of all sizes, especially those relying on visuals (e-commerce, real estate), can benefit from our service. Let's transform your photos and boost your brand image. Send us your photos today for a free quote!
Influencer Marketing Campaigns
30,000.00 Rs 30,000.00 Rs 30000.0 LKR
Consumers trust influencers. Owaslo helps you leverage influencer marketing with services like identifying the right influencers, crafting engaging content, and managing partnerships. We track results to ensure success. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your influencer marketing goals!
10,000.00 Rs 10,000.00 Rs 10000.0 LKR
Drowning in data? Our infographic design service transforms complex information into captivating stories! We simplify data sets, grab attention with stunning visuals, and craft narratives that boost knowledge retention. Infographics are perfect for showcasing expertise, driving engagement, and increasing brand awareness. We collaborate with you on data analysis, concept development, and design to create a visually appealing infographic that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience. Let our design experts handle the infographic creation process, freeing you to focus on your core business activities. Schedule a free consultation today and unlock the power of data to inform, engage, and inspire your audience!
Keyword Research
40,000.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs 40000.0 LKR
Want to attract more Sri Lankan diners? Our restaurant keyword research reveals the hot search terms people use to find restaurants like yours. We focus on local searches, competition analysis, and high-converting long-tail keywords. Get a prioritized list and SEO optimization tips to bring hungry customers to your door. Schedule a consultation today!