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    Our social media analytics service tracks key metrics and provides actionable insights to help you improve your social media presence. We'll create clear reports showing what's working and what's not, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for better results. Schedule a free consultation today and unlock the power of social media data!

    Make informed decisions about your social media presence with our comprehensive social media analytics and reporting services at OwasLo. We'll track key metrics, analyze data, and provide actionable insights to help you optimize your social media strategies and achieve your marketing goals.

    What We Offer:

    • Data Tracking & Measurement: We'll set up social media analytics tools to track a wide range of metrics across different platforms, including:
      • Audience demographics (age, location, interests)
      • Reach and impressions
      • Engagement (likes, comments, shares)
      • Click-through rates (CTRs)
      • Website traffic and conversions
      • Brand mentions and sentiment analysis
    • In-Depth Reporting & Analysis: We'll create regular reports that provide clear visualizations and easy-to-understand breakdowns of your social media performance data.
    • Actionable Insights & Recommendations: We'll analyze the data to identify key trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement. We'll provide actionable recommendations on how to:
      • Improve content strategy and posting schedule
      • Optimize ad campaigns for better performance
      • Grow your audience and engagement
      • Enhance community management efforts

    Benefits of Using Our Social Media Analytics & Reporting Services:

    • Data-Driven Decision Making: Gain valuable insights from social media data to inform your social media strategies and content creation.
    • Measure ROI and Campaign Effectiveness: Track the effectiveness of your social media efforts and measure your return on investment (ROI).
    • Identify Areas for Improvement: Discover what's working well and where you can optimize your social media presence for better results.
    • Stay Ahead of Trends: Stay informed about the latest social media trends and audience preferences to keep your strategies relevant.


    • Social Media Analytics & Reporting: 20,000 LKR per month

    Additional Information:

    • We can integrate social media data with other marketing channels to provide a holistic view of your marketing performance.
    • We offer custom reporting tailored to your specific social media goals and priorities.
    • You can schedule consultations with our social media analytics specialists to discuss the reports and brainstorm optimization strategies.

    Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your social media analytics needs and goals. 

    Join us and make your company a better place