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    Want to attract more Sri Lankan diners? Our restaurant keyword research reveals the hot search terms people use to find restaurants like yours. We focus on local searches, competition analysis, and high-converting long-tail keywords. Get a prioritized list and SEO optimization tips to bring hungry customers to your door. Schedule a consultation today!

    At OwasLo, understanding your target audience and their search intent is crucial for attracting diners through your doors. Our keyword research service provides the foundation for a successful SEO strategy, helping you identify the most relevant keywords Sri Lankan restaurant goers are searching for.

    What We Offer:

    • Industry & Niche-Specific Research: We'll delve into your specific restaurant niche (e.g., Sri Lankan cuisine, seafood restaurants, fine dining) to identify relevant keywords.
    • Local Search Intent: We'll focus on keywords with local search intent, including location-specific terms like "[restaurant type] near me" or "[restaurant name] + [city/area]". This ensures your restaurant appears in search results for customers actively looking for places to eat in your area.
    • Search Volume & Competition Analysis: We'll analyze search volume for different keywords, identifying those with high search potential while considering competition levels. This helps you target keywords that offer a balance between search traffic and ranking difficulty.
    • Long-Tail Keyword Discovery: We'll go beyond broad keywords and identify long-tail keywords that are more specific and have lower competition. These can be highly valuable for attracting targeted traffic with high conversion potential (e.g., "best kottu roti Colombo").
    • Competitor Keyword Analysis (Optional): We can analyze your competitor's keyword strategy to identify opportunities to target relevant keywords they might be missing (additional fees may apply).


    • Comprehensive Keyword List: You'll receive a detailed report with a list of relevant keywords categorized by search volume, competition level, and commercial intent (informational vs. transactional).
    • Prioritization Recommendations: We'll prioritize the keyword list based on search volume, competition, and relevance to your restaurant, helping you focus on the most impactful keywords for your SEO strategy.

    Benefits of Keyword Research for Restaurants in Sri Lanka:

    • Target the Right Audience: Identify keywords that Sri Lankan diners searching for restaurants like yours are using.
    • Improve Organic Visibility: Optimize your website content and online presence to target relevant keywords, leading to higher search engine ranking.
    • Attract More Qualified Leads: Generate website traffic from potential customers actively looking for restaurants with your offerings.
    • Boost Local SEO: Focus on local search terms to ensure your restaurant appears in results for customers searching nearby.
    • Inform Content Strategy: Use keyword research to develop targeted content like blog posts, menus, and website descriptions that resonate with your audience's search queries.


    • Keyword Research: Starting at 40,000 LKR per industry/niche (price may vary depending on the complexity of your niche)

    Additional Information:

    • Keyword research is an ongoing process. Search trends and user behavior can evolve over time, so we recommend revisiting keyword research periodically to identify new opportunities.
    • We can combine keyword research with other SEO services like on-page optimization, content creation, and link building to create a holistic SEO strategy for your restaurant.

    Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your restaurant's target audience and SEO goals.

    Join us and make your company a better place.