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    Is your website slow and frustrating visitors? We can help! Our website speed optimization service analyzes your site and implements solutions to make it load faster. This translates to happier visitors, a higher search engine ranking, and ultimately, more conversions for your business. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your website speed concerns and let's make your site lightning fast!

    At OwasLo, we understand the importance of website speed in today's digital landscape. A slow website can frustrate visitors, hurt your search engine ranking, and ultimately, cost you conversions. Our website speed optimization service will help your website load faster, improve user experience, and boost your overall online performance.

    What We Offer:

    • Comprehensive Website Analysis: We'll use advanced website speed testing tools to identify areas that are slowing down your website. This analysis will pinpoint bottlenecks such as:
      • Large image files
      • Unmagnified CSS and JavaScript files
      • Render-blocking resources
      • Inefficient server-side scripting
      • Lack of browser caching
    • Speed Optimization Techniques: We'll implement a variety of optimization techniques to improve your website's loading speed, including:
      • Image optimization (compressing images without sacrificing quality)
      • Minifying and caching CSS and JavaScript files
      • Enabling browser caching
      • Optimizing code and database queries
      • Utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) (may require additional fees)
    • Performance Monitoring & Reporting: We'll track your website's speed metrics before and after optimization to measure the improvements. You'll receive a report that details the implemented changes and the impact on your website's loading time.

    Benefits of Website Speed Optimization:

    • Improved User Experience: Faster loading times keep visitors engaged and happy, reducing bounce rates and improving overall user experience.
    • Enhanced Search Engine Ranking: Search engines prioritize faster-loading websites in their search results. Improved speed can lead to higher organic traffic.
    • Increased Conversions: Faster websites convert visitors into leads or customers at a higher rate.
    • Reduced Server Load: A faster website puts less strain on your server, potentially reducing hosting costs.


    • Website Speed Optimization: 50,000 LKR

    Additional Information:

    • The effectiveness of website speed optimization can vary depending on the complexity of your website and the identified issues.
    • In some cases, additional work outside the scope of this service may be required to achieve significant speed improvements (e.g., server-side code optimization, website redesign). We'll discuss these possibilities with you during the consultation.
    • Maintaining a fast website is an ongoing process. We recommend combining website speed optimization with website maintenance services to ensure your website remains performant over time (website maintenance services typically start at 20,000 LKR per month).

    Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your website speed concerns.

    Join us and make your company a better place.