Freytag's Pyramid Framework
the secret framework that is driving Youtube view counts crazy

Today, I'm thrilled to share some fascinating insights that have completely changed our perspective on creating engaging video content. Like many of you, we constantly decode the secrets behind those viral videos that dominate our feeds. Recently, I stumbled upon a classical storytelling framework called Freytag's Pyramid, and it’s been nothing short of a revelation. Let’s break down how this ancient narrative structure can elevate your video content from good to unforgettable.

What is Freytag's Pyramid?

Developed by 19th-century German playwright Gustav Freytag, this framework is traditionally used to analyze the structure of plays and stories. It divides a narrative into five key segments: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and dénouement (or resolution). While it was originally meant for drama, it turns out that the same principles can be brilliantly applied to modern video content creation.

1. Exposition: Setting the Stage

The beginning of your video should introduce the setting and characters (or key themes if you’re not telling a story with characters per se). This is where you catch your viewer’s interest. Think of it as setting the hook. For a product review video, this is where you introduce the product and what you’ll be discussing. For Owaslo clients, we find that grounding the viewer with familiar elements but promising something new is a perfect start.

2. Rising Action: Building the Suspense

This segment should build upon the initial setup and introduce complications or develop the story. The tension should steadily increase here. In a video about digital marketing trends, enumerate these trends and start discussing them in ascending order of impact. Make your viewers curious about how these might affect their strategies.

3. Climax: The Moment of Truth

Here’s the peak of your video - the make or break moment. All the build-up leads to this. Perhaps it’s the ultimate benefit of the product you’re reviewing, or the most groundbreaking marketing trend for the year. For us at Owaslo, ensuring that the climax offers not just information but a strong emotional connect has resulted in higher engagement rates.

4. Falling Action: Easing Out of the Climax

After the high point, your video should start to wind down. Start resolving the story or synthesizing the information. If the climax was about the unveiling of a groundbreaking product feature, now discuss how it compares with existing solutions or how it could be used in daily operations of a small business.

5. Dénouement: The Resolution

Wrap everything up with a strong conclusion. Reinforce the main points, perhaps recap briefly, and always end with a call to action. What do you want viewers to do next? Subscribe, like, comment, or check out a product? Make it clear and compelling.

Why This Matters for Your Business

At Owaslo, implementing Freytag’s Pyramid seemingly improved the client's approval rate for our videos. We also found that there was at least a 15% video view duration median increase on the videos we posted. I will be trying this out and branching out more into this structure to see how it works with other methods as well. Freytag's Pyramid framework definitely transformed our approach to video marketing by structuring content that builds anticipation, provides peaks of excitement, and resolves smoothly, we’ve noticed better viewer retention and higher engagement rates.

Whether you're producing a quick how-to video, a detailed product review, or an emotional brand story, applying Freytag's principles can help keep your audience hooked till the very end. Start thinking of your videos in terms of narrative arcs - even the most informational content can have a story structure to it. It’s about bringing viewers on a journey with a clear beginning, middle, and end that they can follow and remain engaged with.

Step Into the Spotlight

I encourage all content creators and business owners to experiment with this narrative structure. The clarity of a well-structured video can significantly enhance viewer experience and satisfaction. At Owaslo, we're all about empowering small to medium businesses with tools and insights that make a real difference. Dive into the narrative, structure your content with purpose, and watch as your videos gain the traction they deserve.

Remember, every video is a story, and every viewer is a reader who wants to be captivated. Let's make your business's story the next viewer's favorite tale. If you’re interested in more insights or need help crafting your story, reach out to us at Owaslo. Together, let’s turn your ideas into engaging, successful videos that not only inform but also inspire.

Until next time, keep creating, keep innovating, and keep sharing your unique stories with the world.

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