Content Creation and Scheduling
88,000.00 Rs 88,000.00 Rs 88000.0 LKR
Drowning in social media? We can help! Our service handles content creation & scheduling across platforms. We'll collaborate with you on a data-driven strategy to craft engaging content (5 posts/week) that keeps your audience hooked. From eye-catching visuals to informative posts, we cover it all. We'll even schedule your content and track results (optional). Focus on your business, we'll manage the social media grind. Schedule a free consultation today!
Social Media Advertising
15,000.00 Rs 15,000.00 Rs 15000.0 LKR
Feeling lost in the social media ad jungle? We can help! Our social media advertising service gets your brand noticed on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We'll develop a targeted strategy to reach the right audience with eye-catching ads, then manage and optimize your campaigns to maximize results. Stop wasting money, let us help you generate leads and achieve your marketing goals. Schedule a free consultation today!
Analytics and Reporting
20,000.00 Rs 20,000.00 Rs 20000.0 LKR
Our social media analytics service tracks key metrics and provides actionable insights to help you improve your social media presence. We'll create clear reports showing what's working and what's not, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns for better results. Schedule a free consultation today and unlock the power of social media data!
Community Management
40,000.00 Rs 40,000.00 Rs 40000.0 LKR
Want to build a loyal following online? Our social media community management service fosters meaningful connections with your audience. We'll handle comments, messages, and curate engaging content to spark conversations. We even monitor content, address concerns, and identify brand advocates to amplify your reach. Gain valuable insights and build a thriving community that fuels brand loyalty. Schedule a free consultation today!
Profile Setup and Optimization
12,000.00 Rs 12,000.00 Rs 12000.0 LKR
Want to make a lasting impression on social media? Our profile setup and optimization service creates professional profiles that grab attention and showcase your brand. We handle everything from crafting compelling bios and selecting eye-catching visuals to incorporating targeted keywords for better discovery. Stop wasting time - focus on your business while we build a strong social media presence for you. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your goals and choose the platforms that best suit your audience. Let's create profiles that attract followers, boost engagement, and achieve your marketing objectives!